Our first show was held on 16th September 1944 entitled “Theale & District Annual Show” and took place in what was then Bagley School Hall at the top of Snake Lane.   During the war years there were actually 2 Shows a year in Spring and Autumn,  though this reverted to the now familiar 1st Saturday in September Show Day from 1946 onwards and the name was shortened to “Theale Flower Show”

Prize card from the very first Show, for Mrs P Stott

Very little information survives from that first Show but it was primarily about displaying fruit, vegetables and flowers grown for the war effort and was a very local Theale affair.  Over the years crafts and specific children’s classes have been added to what is now a very comprehensive range of competition entries.

Burnett Champeney
Evelyn Champeney (with grandsons – Cup winners at the 1969 Show)

The first President was Burnett Champeney of Pill Ham Farm,  Theale.  Following his death in 1962,  his wife Evelyn took over as President. She was succeeded by Mrs Phyllis Wilkins in the early 1980’s. Mary Clark (Burnett Champeney’s daughter) took over as President in more recent years.

Then,  as now,  the very dedicated Flower Show Committee plan, set up and run the Show Day,  led by a Chair who is appointed every 3 years to lead the Committee.   It’s very much a village & surrounding Parish effort!

80 years later,  with the changing village population and a much wider range of attractions and activities to compete with,  the Show still draws a lot of support, though we have changed the name to Theale Show to reflect the wider scope of the modern Show (though everyone still refers to it as the “Flower Show”!!).

We even have a lot of holidaymaker helpers who come year after year to help and support the Show – our grateful thanks go to them!

However,  much more support and “fresh young blood” is needed to continue this wonderful village tradition and carry and adapt it for the future.  If want to help in future years contact us.

Thank you for supporting Theale Show!

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