2024 Open Classes

30Homemade jam – 454g (1lb) Jar
31Homemade fruit jelly (preserve) eg bramble jelly – 454g (1lb) Jar
32Homemade marmalade – 454g (1lb) Jar
33Homemade chutney – fruit-based 454g (1lb) Jar
34Homemade chutney – vegetable-based 454g (1lb) Jar
35Plate of 5 biscuits – any recipe
36Carrot cake (Include a list of your ingredients)
37Fruit cake  – any recipe
38Victoria sandwich (recipe 6ozs SR flour, 6ozs caster sugar, 6ozs margarine, 3 eggs & jam filling)
39Gluten-free cake, any flavour, maximum 8 inch diameter or square. (Include a list of your ingredients)
40Sweet Scones – plate of 5
41Savoury Scones – plate of 5
42Apple pie (double crust) – maximum 8inch diameter
43Brown bread – any recipe
44White bread – any recipe
Class(Please state size on entry form for all Handicraft Classes)
45Any hand-crafted item for baby – knitted, sewn, crochet
46Homemade soft toy
47Hand crafted item in knitting or crochet (not for a baby)
48Hand crafted item (needlework, cross-stitch or similar) (not for a baby)
49A homemade quilted item
50Something you’ve made, not covered by other classes
Class(Max size 50x50cm/20x20ins exc. frame)
51An oil or acrylic or watercolour painting, entitled “Somerset
52A drawing (pastels, pen, pencil or charcoal), entitled “Somerset
53Homemade greetings card
54Hand crafted item in wood or metal
55Hand crafted item in pottery or sculpture
56Arrangement of flowers using a kitchen container (max 40cm(15.5”) in any direction)
57A decorative arrangement of mixed herbs
58A table centre for a celebration – max 40cm (15.5”) in any direction
59Flowers in footwear – max 40cm(15.5”) in any direction
60A sculpture in flowers, with the theme “Celebrating the 80th Theale Show”, may include accessories (max 60cm (24”) in any direction)
61Miniature arrangement – max diameter 11.5cm (4.5″)
62Flower arrangement in a teacup and saucer
63Flowers and/or herbs for a kitchen table in a jam jar – 454g (1lb) Jar
64An arrangement of dried flowers, fruit and berries- max 40cm(15.5”) in any direction
653 Gladioli in vase
66The best flower in my garden
673 flowering stems from a perennial (same variety)
68One specimen Rose – any variety
69Geranium plant, only plants provided by Theale Show – see below*.
70Flowering pot plant – not geranium (state size)
71Fuchsia plant
72A house plant, including cactus and succulent (state size)
733 blooms of decorative Dahlias
743 blooms of cactus Dahlias
753 blooms of pom-pom or ball Dahlias (one type)
76Vase of mixed Dahlias – 7 blooms
775 stems of any variety of marigold (can be mixed)
785 stems of any other cut flower – all the same variety, not in any other class
79Vase of mixed garden flowers (max 60 cm-show all round)
80Sunflower – the biggest flower head

* Geranium plugs were available from April for collection

81Ted’s Taters in a tub (see below for details)
825 White Potatoes – any shape
835 Coloured Potatoes – any shape
845 Runner beans
852 Indoor Cucumbers
863 Onions under 225g (8ozs)
873 Onions over 225g (8ozs)
882 bulbs of garlic (same variety)
895 Tomatoes with stems (same variety)
905 cherry tomatoes with stems (same variety)
91A truss of tomatoes
925 French Beans
933 Carrots
942 Sweet Corn Cobs
953 Beetroots
963 Capsicum Peppers
973 Courgettes
98Chillies, 5 any variety
99Single Marrow
100Single Pumpkin
101Longest Runner Bean
102A Vegetable that isn’t anywhere else!
103A Collection of vegetables – 3 varieties (2 of each type) max 45cm X 60cm – can include tomatoes
104A container of vegetables – mixed (max 18″ X 15″)
105Dish of 12 Raspberries
1065 Cooking Apples – natural bloom
1075 Dessert Apples – natural bloom
1085 Pears
1095 Plums
110Bowl of fruit from the garden
1116 hens eggs all one colour
ClassPlease use a clear bottle, label variety and seal with an air-tight top, which does not need a corkscrew to remove.
112Fruit flavoured spirit or liqueur (for example ‘sloe’ gin)
113Homemade Wine – any colour, age or variety – including kits
114Home-made beer or ale, (all grain brewing or from a kit)
115Home-made cider – any
116Homemade lemonade
117Any fruit or flower cordial (not diluted, non-alcoholic)
ClassMax size 20x15cm/8.25×6 ins to include mount. Please print out yourself and bring along for display.
118Photograph “Nature close-up!”
119Photograph on the subject of “A local event”
120Group of photographs – “Theale Show through the years!” – 4 photos, (max size 20x15cm / 8.25x6ins each to include mount)
121Photograph of “Somerset weather!”
ClassPlease arrive between 1 and 2pm with your vehicle. Follow signs for ‘Vintage Vehicles’, park up and go to Main Show tent for further information
122Best vintage or classic car, pre 1990
123Best vintage or classic tractor or any other vintage vehicle, pre 1990
124Best vintage or classic motorbike, pre 1990
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