(Effective 2024)
  1. All exhibits must be staged in the Show areas between 8.30am and 10:30am on the Show Day.  The Show areas will be closed at 10:30am precisely and no further exhibits will be accepted whilst judging takes place.  The Show areas will re-opened at 2.30pm.
  2. All exhibits must be the work of the Exhibitor and must not have been entered in previous Theale Flower Shows.
  3. Children’s exhibits must be arranged by their own hands and must be marked to show the exhibitor’s age only – no name.
  4. The Committee reserves the right to cancel any class.  Entries may be refused at the sole discretion of the Show Secretary.
  5. Each exhibit must be clearly marked with its Entry Number using the marker supplied by the Show Secretary.  No other distinguishing mark may be used, except for Children’s Classes, where the age may be shown.  Wines, ciders, beverages and preserves should be labelled to show the variety.
  6. No person except Show Officials will be allowed in the Show areas whilst judging takes place.
  7. The Theale Show Committee shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to exhibits howsoever caused during the Show Day or at any time thereafter.
  8. No exhibits or prize cards may be removed until after the Cups have been presented at 5.30p.m.  Perpetual Challenge Cups (held for one season only) will be awarded to individuals with the highest number of points or according to the Judge’s decision.  In the event of a tie, awards will be made with due reference to the value of prizes obtained.
  9. The Judge’s decisions are final.
  10. Any complaint must be made in writing to the Show Secretary before 4:00pm on the Show Day.
  11. All Cups awarded in the previous year are to be returned to the Secretary at least 2 weeks before the Show or as requested by the Show Secretary.
  12. All Prizes are paid out immediately following the presentation of Cups on Show Day.  The Committee reserves the right to return prize monies to Show funds not claimed on Show Day.
  13. All accounts and expenses are to be settled with the Treasurer no later than 31st October following the Show Day.
  14. For the purposes of the Show and those cups to be awarded to exhibitors residing in the Parish of Theale, this area includes the villages of Panborough, Mudgley, Bagley, Latcham, Newtown, and both sides of Blakeway Road.
  15. Cash Prizes are awarded for each place in a class and are subject to Judge’s sole discretion
  1. 1st place = £4.00
  2. 2nd Place = £2.00
  3. 3rd place = £1.00
  4. Competition cups are awarded for certain Classes (see inside back page of this Schedule)
  5. Maximum entry fees charged to any one entrant for Adult Classes is £12
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